Marty Friedman Wishes ‘Slow And Painful Death’ For Traditional Guitar Solos

Former Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman recently spoke with Guitar World and expressed a controversial wish to end traditional guitar solos.

The musician reflected on his dissatisfaction with the status quo, emphasizing the need for innovation in guitar solos, saying:

“I hope the traditional guitar solo dies a slow and painful death. Guitar solos need to be inventive. They need something to keep listeners involved, especially those who are not learning to play and only listen.”

The Gap Between Musicians And The General Audience

He then pointed out that while young musicians might be captivated by technical skills, this does not necessarily translate to the broader audience, explaining:

“Because when you’re learning to play, you tend to be impressed with anything you can’t do, right? And if you’re young and just catching the guitar bug, that excitement can be magical. It’s like, ‘How do they do that!?’ That element is awesome… but it means less than zero in everyone else’s eyes.”

Kirk Hammett Echoes Friedman’s Opinions

In agreement with Friedman’s opinions, Metallica’s Kirk Hammett shared his views with Guitar World last December, acknowledging that guitar solos may not resonate with the majority of listeners who do not play the instrument. He noted:

“I hate to say it for all your readers out there, but non-musicians, who are the majority of the f*cking listening world, they are not going to remember guitar solos.”

Yet, Hammett also emphasized the power of a great melody and song, discussing:

“They are gonna helluva remember a great melody, and they’re really gonna remember a great song – especially a song that’s gonna bring them to a different place from where they were five minutes previously.”

Friedman has had a successful music career, releasing 17 solo albums since 1988. His newest album, Tokyo Jukebox 3, came out in 2021. The guitarist is planning a tour in the U.S. starting in March, during which fans can see his guitar solos in person.