Dave Grohl Recalls An Unusual Encounter With Paul Stanley In An Elementary School

In an interview with BBC Radio, Foo Fighters’ frontman Dave Grohl talked about the time he met his childhood hero, KISS singer Paul Stanley, during a quite interesting occasion, an elementary school assembly of their children.

Starting his career by playing drums in Nirvana, Dave Grohl earned worldwide success at a very early age. After the band’s frontman, Kurt Cobain, passed away in 1994 at the age of 27, Grohl decided to start his one-man project, Foo Fighters. Since then the band released 10 studio albums since the beginning of their career and won 12 Grammy Awards.

Most recently, Foo Fighters released their new album, ‘Medicine at Midnight,’ on February 5, 2021, as a part of the band’s celebrations of their 25th anniversary. Dave has also been working on his upcoming documentary named ‘What Drives Us’ which will explore bands’ van tours.

Recently, Dave Grohl joined a conversation with BBC Radio and opened up about the most important moments of his professional career. During the interview, Dave also shared the memory of meeting his childhood hero, Paul Stanley, in the most unusual way possible. Apparently, when Grohl took his daughter to school, he saw Stanley in the assembly as the kids are singing kumbaya.

Dave mentioned that even though he tried to seem unfazed, he was quite excited to see the man whose face was a poster on his wall growing up. He also stated that if it weren’t for Paul Stanley, he wasn’t sure if he’d be playing guitar right now.

Here is what Dave Grohl stated about his unusual encounter with Paul Stanley:

I’m taking my daughter to school, and who’s there in assembly? Paul Stanley. As much as I tried to seem unfazed and like another dad in assembly as the kids are singing kumbaya, I was standing next to the man whose face was a poster on my wall growing up. If it weren’t for this guy, I don’t know if I’d be playing guitar right now.”

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