Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds Decides To Get Sober For His Kids And Promises To Update Fans Regularly As He Needs Their Support


Imagine Dragons frontman, Dan Reynolds, recently posted some tweets on Twitter accounts and announced that he will start concentrating on his physical and mental health so as to better his life for both himself and his beloved family.

As you probably know, Dan Reynolds is one of the numerous rockstars who’ve been struggling with mental health. It is widely known that he has been battling depression since his childhood and in contrast to most celebrities, he’s been very open about his recovery process.

There have been multiple times that Reynolds made a series of statements considering his mental health and drug abuse through his Twitter account, but soon after sharing those posts, he would delete them. For instance, when he lost his ‘best friend to drugs’ in November 2020, he’d argued that using drugs is selfishness and had warned fans about the risks.

Here’s what he’d tweeted back in November:

Lost my best friend to hard drugs. It isn’t rock n roll. It is sadness. Don’t indulge that false promise. It doesn’t give you edge. It gives you addiction. It hurts your family.”

He’d added:

“I say this as someone who has used. Using is selfishness.”

However, he soon deleted those tweets from his Twitter account. Recently, Reynolds posted a series of tweets in which he announced his decision to go sober and promised his fans that he’ll check in with them in a few weeks and invited them to join him in his battle as he can use all the support he can get.

It is clear that Dan has made up his mind to get sober this time, and he shared his commitment to the cause with his devoted fans. He then shared a photo of himself kissing his daughter and wrote ‘all the reasons I need‘ which touched his followers’ hearts.

Here’s what Dan Reynolds said in his first tweet:

“Day 1 of sobriety.”

Then tweeted:

I’ll check in with you in a week if you wanna try it with me. I can use all the help I can get. x”

This is what he wrote under the photo with his daughter:

“All the reasons I need.”

You can check out Dan Reynolds’s tweets below.

Photo Credit: Dan Reynolds – Twitter
Photo Credit: Dan Reynolds – Twitter