Dan Reynolds Says ‘Never Take Your Life’ And Admits He’s Been Working On His Mental Health For A While

Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds shared a post on his official Twitter page opening up about his mental health issues, stating that he has been working on his mental health lately due to the fact that he and his family deserve him to be healthy while giving his followers advice on how everybody’s life worth of living.

As many of you might know, Dan Reynolds has suffered from depression and anxiety since childhood and openly spoken about his mental health issues during interviews and his live performances. Oftentimes, Reynolds stated that everybody that is in need should seek help and see a therapist to talk to in order to have a solution to their problems.

That being said, Imagine Dragons frontman also opened up about how he thought seeing a therapist was something only weak people did as growing up. Therefore, he couldn’t get the help he needed as a young person, however, he advises his fans not to do the same thing every single time.

Here is what Reynolds said once:

“Growing up, I thought seeing a therapist was something only weak people did. So when I was dealing with depression, I didn’t tell anybody about it because I didn’t want to have a therapist because then I’m that kid.

I believe everybody should have a therapist. The worst that’s going to happen is maybe you go to the therapist and maybe it’s not the right therapist for you. And still, you’ll make one more call and go see another therapist. But it’s only going to help, first of all. And second of all, nothing is more important than your mental health. Nothing.”

Knowing that Dan Reynolds has always struggled with depression, his fans were already worried about his mental health when he decided to delete all of his posts on his official Twitter page nearly two weeks ago. While some fans thought he was doing okay and it’s for a new music project, the reality recently surfaced by Reynolds himself.

Recently, Imagine Dragons lead vocalist shared a post on his official Twitter page revealing that he has been working on his mental health lately since his fans, his family, and himself deserve him to be healthy. Reynolds also stated that he hasn’t been the ‘happy Dan’ for the past three years on stage and that’s what he wants to be once again.

Here is what Dan Reynolds said:

“I’ve been working on my mental health. You deserve it. My family deserves it. I deserve it. I want to bring you a happy dan on stage. I wasn’t there 3 years ago – today I find myself very close to where I want to be. It’s taken a lot of work but I see the sun on the horizon”

Later on, being brave about opening up these kinds of subjects, Dan Reynolds shared another post stressing the importance of life while advising his fans to never thinking suicide. Reynolds stated that every life worth living, giving hope to his fans about how positive he is trying to be at the moment.

Here is what he said:

“never take your life. your life is always worth living.”

You can see the Twitter posts below.