Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds Confirms Having Vocal Issues

Dan Reynolds, the frontman for Imagine Dragons, shared a Twitter post and announced that he had a health problem with his vocal cords and was recovering at home.

Imagine Dragons released the first act of ‘Mercury’ on September 3, 2021, and its successor came out at the beginning of the last July. The band members started the busy Mercury World Tour in the first months of 2022 to promote their albums, and the tour’s final destination will be South Africa.

Their concerts have received excellent feedback from the audience, especially due to the frontman’s energetic stage presence and the lively spirit that permeates all of the band members. As the tour was approaching the end and the band returned to the States, some unfortunate news recently came from Dan Reynolds.

Dan Reynolds shared a video on his official Twitter account where he appears silent and confirmed that he has a health problem with his vocal cords. The busy program of their world tour must have been tiring for the frontman, who gestured that he was not allowed to speak for a while.

The musician noted that his condition would improve by remaining completely silent for two weeks and said that he would recover until their concerts in South America. The vocalist, who shared that he spent the recovery process painting in a ‘silent’ way at home, also humorously said that everyone should try because it’s really peaceful.

Dan Reynolds announced that he has a swollen vocal cord and is trying to heal at home with these words:

“I have swollen vocal cords. But with two weeks of total vocal silence, they will be back to tip-top shape in time for South America. So I’m over here in a cabin being silent & painting. And doing this to anyone that knocks.

It’s very peaceful. Try it sometime. See you soon. X.”

Imagine Dragons will resume their tour of South America in two weeks, and Dan Reynolds seems determined to recover until then. From October 18 to November 2, they will be putting on shows in Colombia, Chile, Argentine, Brazil, and Mexico.

You can check out Dan Reynolds’ latest tweet below.