The Real Story Behind Lemmy Kilmister’s Inclusion To ‘Living Sex Legends’ List

Rock music is no stranger to having musicians that almost challenge each other with their sex lives. While it’s not unusual to hear about rock stars who have slept with hundreds of women, there are still some extremes. For instance, fans were shocked to find out that the Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger has slept with 4,000 women.

While Jagger has built a reputation as a total womanizer, you wouldn’t expect to hear that Motörhead lead singer Lemmy Kilmister was also a ladies’ man. It appears that his number is also unbelievable but was altered by the press to attract more attention. Let’s take a look.

Lemmy Allegedly Slept With Over 2,000 Women

Back in 2005, it was claimed in a Channel 4 documentary named ‘Motörhead: Live Fast, Die Old’ that Lemmy Kilmister had slept with over 2,000 women. Furthermore, Maxim magazine included Lemmy at No. 8 on its top ten ‘Living Sex Legends’ list, as they claimed that he had slept with around 1,200 women.

When the rumors started spreading around, the Motörhead legend was featured in the book written by Paul Miles named ‘Sex Tips from Rock Stars.’ Although he was listed among other rock stars known for their incredibly active sex lives, the truth was a little distorted by the media.

Apperently, Lemmy Kilmister didn’t say he had slept with 2,000 women. However, his number isn’t extremely far from what the press had told his fans. Lemmy admitted that he did the deed with more than 1,000 people, but magazines published the fact by adding more to the already excessive number.