Geddy Lee’s Explanation About Rush’s Strict Rule For Collaborating Other Musicians

Although they are no longer active in the music scene, Rush is still a great influence for many musicians with their musicianship, lyrical motifs, complex compositions, and distinctive sound. Formed in 1968, the band’s classic lineup included Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee, and Neil Peart. With the passing of Peart on January 7, 2020, they decided not to continue without him, and this became the end of the Rush.

Rush went through several lineup changes throughout their career, but they eventually arrived at its classic power trio lineup with Peart’s addition in July 1974. This lineup remained intact from then on, and they refused to perform with any other musician in the band. According to Geddy Lee, this had a specific reason. Let’s learn the reason why Rush didn’t want any additional members.

Geddy Lee Thought Adding Another Member Would Affect The Balance Within Rush

In a 2015 interview by Rolling Stone, Geddy Lee admitted that it was quite hard for him to continue both singing and playing all his parts during rehearsals in the early 1980s. So, it clearly was quite challenging to handle the lead vocals, bass, synth, foot pedals, and triggering backing tracks for Lee.

However, although it would be best to add members to their lineup in this situation, Lee revealed that they still didn’t want to. Speaking to Rolling Stone, Geddy Lee admitted he was screaming that he can’t do it anymore during every rehearsal. He then added that he felt it would be wrong to have another musician on stage, performing with them.

Lee also revealed that adding another member was a topic they discussed all the time, but it’s a ‘no-go zone’ and he can’t do such a thing. Following that, the musician said they have a balance in the band, and they are never mean to each other even when they disagree.

In the interview by Rolling Stone, Geddy Lee said the following:

“Every rehearsal, I was screaming, ‘I can’t do it!’ But it just felt wrong to have another dude on stage with us. We talked about it all the time. We still talk about it. But it’s a no-go zone – can’t do it.”

He then continued, implying they have a balance in the band:

“We’re never mean to each other. If we disagree, we pout. That’s sort of the Canadian way. But we did love punching Alex when he said something stupid.”

Apparently, Geddy Lee thought adding another member would affect the balance between them, and thus the longevity of the band as they solve their disagreements without being mean to each other. After this interview, Rush didn’t add any member to their lineup and decided to leave the music scene with Neil Peart’s passing.