Ice Nine Kills’ Spencer Charnas Recalls Metallica’s Scary ‘Fake’ Accident

Ice Nine Kills has been touring with Metallica on their M72 World Tour since 2023. The band’s frontman, Spencer Charnas, recently had a chat with Mike Hsu from 100 FM The Pike, where he talked about his experiences on tour with the band:

“Anytime anyone mentions it when I’m doing an interview, and I’m not here, I get chills. Because it takes me back to when I first saw Metallica, which was, I guess, it would have been the Fleet Center [in Boston] in ’97; it just switched over from the Garden a few years before, I think. And I remember that concert so vividly. My dad took me to it. They were, if memory serves, I think they were on the ‘Load’ or the ‘Reload’ album cycle, and it feels like that concert was a week ago.”

Mentioning a ‘fake’ accident at the 1997 show, the singer went on:

“I remember the way that Lars [Ulrich] came out over onto the stage, and he was drinking a beer, and they had this, like, pyrotechnic kind of, like, accident, but it was part of the show. One of the crew members, I remember, fell down and was hung by his like feet by a wire, and everyone was, like, ‘Oh my god.’ But it turned out it was all part of the show.”

The Frontman’s Happiness Over Supporting The ‘Nothing Else Matters’ Band

Ice Nine Kills was announced as part of Metallica’s world tour in late 2022, along with Five Finger Death Punch, Greta van Fleet, and Mammoth WVH. Discussing how they got the opportunity to join the tour, Charnas told Rock Sound in November:

“We got a call from our booking agent asking if we wanted to open for Metallica at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. I thought we must have had a bad connection, but Metallica really had handpicked us to open up for them at this one-off show alongside Greta van Fleet. It was one of the most amazing calls I have ever received. I thought they were joking. So that was in of itself an incredible experience.”

About performing with Metallica as their fan, he added:

“The show was awesome. Even if it had ended there, we would have been happy. We got to open to for Metallica; you can’t take that away. Then, a month later, we got another call saying they wanted us to open up two more shows in the Summer. So I checked my calendar, you know.”

More Shows With Metallica Are In Line

Throughout 2023, Ice Nine Kills continued to perform as an opening act for Metallica in North America and Europe.

Currently, the band is getting ready to hit the road with Metallica again during the fifth leg of the M72 World Tour. Their next show is at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough in August. Charnas expressed his excitement about the upcoming performance, calling it ‘mind-boggling.’