Huey Lewis Wants Brad Pitt To Play Him In Potential Biopic

Huey Lewis hopes Brad Pitt will portray him in a biopic about his life.

The singer recently appeared on The Drew Barrymore Show and talked about Bob Dylan’s upcoming biopic. When Ross Mathews asked the musician if there might be a Huey Lewis movie, he replied:

“Well, let’s go with the musical first, and then we’ll do the movie.”

Then, Barrymore wanted to learn who he would want to play him in a potential film. Lewis revealed his choice:

“Brad Pitt, of course. Who doesn’t want Brad Pitt to play them [laughs].”

Lewis’ Musical Project Premiered Last Month

A musical featuring Huey Lewis and the News songs recently came to Broadway. Called ‘The Heart of Rock and Roll,’ it started in March at The James Earl Jones Theatre and officially debuted on April 22. Lewis talked with Rolling Stone last month about how it feels to see and hear his songs transformed for Broadway:

“When you look at our songs, there’s a lot of ‘working,’ ‘heart,’ ‘love,’ ‘power,’ and ‘soul’ in the lyrics. For some reason, those five words are in half my songs. So it was pretty easy to figure out where you gotta go with this thing. ‘I Want a New Drug’ is interesting, how it’s handled and how he plays it to the guitar. ‘I Want a New Drug’ is not a Broadway song! It’s more of a rap song than anything else, in a way. I thought they handled it very well. ‘You Crack Me Up,’ the first song of the second act, was kind of a throwaway tune for us. ‘Don’t Make Me Do It’ is from our first album, which nobody ever heard.”

The rocker also reflected on what worried him about the musical:

“I worried about the integrity of the songs. Some of them, like ‘Stuck With You’ and ‘Hip To Be Square,’ we play for silly, and I’m fine with that. You’ve got to stretch the boundaries of what the song is and be open-minded that way. And partially because of my condition, I can’t go out on the road. So I’m more open to this stuff.”

Corey Cott performs as the lead character, Bobby, in the musical. ‘The Heart of Rock and Roll,’ which is set in the ’80s, portrays a failed rocker facing a choice between a music comeback and a job at a cardboard company.

You can watch Huey’s interview below.