Spotify Has A New Technology To Predict Up And Coming Artists, According To The Recent Reports

The most well-known music streaming service Spotify has developed a new technology to predict and determine the tracks and artists that are more likely to succeed.

Almost every song in the world has become accessible on Spotify. Founded in 2006, the streaming service made listening to music legally efficient and was a huge convenience instead of physically buying records in stores. Users’ favorite music became one click away from them, and it’s legal because it pays the artists their shares and gets their legal consent. For an artist, releasing records and albums means uploading them on Spotify, especially after the platform’s rising popularity in the coronavirus pandemic.

It is also easy for new artists to release their materials on Spotify. It made eager musicians access a platform to show their skills and talent very simple. Hence, there are a lot of artists on the platform, which makes it more difficult for the user to discover new material from new people. This required the development of the app’s algorithm to provide recommendations related to the user’s taste.

According to Music Business, they recently developed a system determining whether or not a new artist will make it or not. It is a system that analyses the users listening to a newcomer and finding out what other music they listen to and how that pattern would affect the newcomer artist. It should be mentioned that the user is not aware of this process as they continue to listen to their favorite songs while the app is analyzing their data.

This is a groundbreaking and concerning invention for the artists that choose Spotify to release their music. With this system, Spotify will determine future success and get in touch with the artist for special promotions to make sure they stay on the platform. While successful artists will be given the most gain possible, this method could also endanger future musicians because it foreshadows the concept of discovering new artists via artificial intelligence and user choices.