Huey Lewis Regrets Refusing To Record A Bob Dylan Song: ‘It Was A Big Mistake’

Huey Lewis recently shared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! his regret over not recording a song that Bob Dylan wrote for him.

The host asked the singer:

“In the 80s, during a heyday of your band, Bob Dylan wrote a song for you guys.”

He confirmed, saying:

“He did.”

Kimmel continued to learn the rest of the story:

“He sent you what, a cassette?”

Missed Opportunity With Bob Dylan

Lewis replied:

“He sent me a cassette and a lovely note saying he liked the last record and ‘Here’s a song of mine.’ Not only did I not cut it, I don’t actually know where the cassette is.”

Kimmel then said:

“You’ve lost the cassette.”

The musician shared his struggle to find the cassette, explaining:

“Well, no. It’s part of my cassette collection. There’s thousands of cassettes there. I could probably find it eventually.”

When Kimmel asked why he chose not to record Dylan’s song, Lewis responded:

“I have no idea. It was a big mistake. What can I say? I’m sorry!”

Other Regrets From The ’80s

Lewis also looked back on other decisions he wished he had reconsidered. Speaking at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles in 2020, he remembered turning down a lucrative offer from Coca-Cola:

“Coca-Cola asked to have a meeting [so] we flew to Atlanta. They offered us millions of dollars [to use] ‘The Heart of Rock & Roll’ in a commercial. I said no. Stupid.”

The story behind Dylan’s song offer started in 1985. Lewis and Dylan were both recording ‘We Are the World.’ Prince didn’t show up, and Lewis sang his part. Dylan suggested later that Lewis should record one of his songs.

Lewis continues his career. A new musical inspired by the music of Huey Lewis and The News, ‘The Heart of Rock and Roll,’ will open on Broadway in spring 2024. Previews will begin on March 29, 2024, and the official opening night will be on April 22.

You can watch his chat with Kimmel below.