Aldo Nova Says Jon Bon Jovi Wasn’t The One Who Should Be Credited For Bon Jovi


Guitarist and producer Aldo Nova recently joined The Mitch Lafon And Jeremy White Show for an interview. The musician claimed that Jon Bon Jovi was not the only person who should get all the credits for Bon Jovi since somebody else assembled the band.

In 1982, Jon Bon Jovi’s cousin Tony Bongiovi collaborated with Aldo Nova to mix his self-titled debut album. Although Nova was displeased with the album’s success, it featured his most famous work as its single titled ‘Fantasy,’ which peaked at number three on the Mainstream Rock chart and number twenty-three on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.

At that time, Jon Bon Jovi wasn’t a well-known musician but was coming and going to his cousin Tony’s studio. Eventually, Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, Alec John Such, David Bryan, and Tico Torres formed the band Bon Jovi in March 1983. They released their first two albums in the next two years, and their single ‘Runaway’ began to appear on the charts. By 1986, the band achieved global recognition with their ‘Slippery When Wet’ album.

In 1990, Aldo Nova collaborated with Jon Bon Jovi for his song ‘Blaze Of Glory’ and wrote the main guitar riff used. Next year, Jovi also worked with Nova to produce Nova’s album ‘Blood On The Bricks’ by his label Jambco Records. In a recent interview, Mitch Lafon told Aldo Nova that Alec John Such stated Bon Jovi was moving too fast, and he couldn’t catch up with them.

As a response, Nova said that was true. Then, he claimed it was Tony Bongiovi who put all of the Bon Jovi members together, and they were there not because of Jon Bon Jovi. To support his statement, Nova said nobody knew who Jon Bon Jovi was at that time. He then said Tony Bongiovi never gets any credits, so he credits him a lot in his self-titled debut. Moreover, Nova claimed ‘Fantasy’ is still a great song because of Tony Bongiovi’s contributions.

During the conversation, Mitch Lafon told Aldo Nova the following:

“Richie Sambora confirmed to me in an interview that the band was moving too fast, and Alec couldn’t move at the same speed.”

In response to this, Nova said:

“Exactly, and he was always laid down at the bottom properly. I mean, I’ve known him from day one, like I said, in the ‘Runaway’ sessions, along with Tim Pierce. So, that’s what put it together, and it was actually Tony Bongiovi. All those guys got together because of him; they weren’t there because of Jon Bon Jovi.

Nobody knew who Jon Bon Jovi was. Tony never gets credited, this is why I credit him a lot on my album because he did a lot to the sound. He created it and helped me move up to another level by just getting those drums to sound. That’s why ‘Fantasy’ sounds so good now, 40 years later.”

You can watch the rest of the interview below.