Hayley Williams Feels Heartbroken Over The Video Of A Paramore Fan Who Passed Away From COVID-19

Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams shared her reactions to a Paramore fan who passed away due to coronavirus via her official Twitter account.

One of the Twitter users shared a video of her father that he has been listening to a Paramore song in his room, and according to this user, her father was one of the biggest Paramore fans over the age of 65. Unfortunately, he passed away due to coronavirus.

After seeing this post, Hayley wanted to share her feelings on social media and mentioned that she feels heartbroken right now. Also, she sent her love to his family and prayed for his soul.

While Hayley was saying that she will surely think about him next time she sings on the stage, she also criticized the people who don’t take the coronavirus seriously and showed the danger of the outbreak.

A Twitter user said:

“Hayley Williams, my dad passed away yesterday to Covid and he was Paramore’s biggest fan over the age of 65 lol. Thank you for making music we could bond to. ♥️”

Hayley Williams replied:

“My heart. so much love to you and your family. god I can’t imagine… and the fury I feel when people still don’t take this virus seriously.

I appreciate you sharing this video. lol his sly lil smile. I will surely think of him next time we perform that one.”

You can check out the posts below.

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