Eddie Kramer Asks Help From Jimi Hendrix, Joplin And Jim Morrison Fans

In a recent interview with The Vinyl Guide, Eddie Kramer has asked fans for a favor. He’s looking for help finding a recording of a rare performance by Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, and Janis Joplin to restore it using AI technology.

Back in 1968, an improvised show brought the three artists together until they got into a fight due to Morrison’s drunken behavior. But the recording Kramer was talking about may not be from that night:

“That’s possible. It was at the nightclub that became Electric Lady Studios. Originally, it was called the Village Bar, and then it became the Generation nightclub, which Jimi used to go down and jam a lot in. Then it became the Electric Lady.”

The producer said he wanted to find a copy of this session:

“Somebody has got a cassette somewhere. Tell them to contact me, and we’ll fix it.”

The Way The Beatles Did

As a part of the Experience Hendrix, along with Janie Hendrix, Kramer wants to use AI technology, similar to what was used for the Beatles’ ‘Now And Then,’ to restore this old recording:

“When one uses the phrase ‘AI,’ it’s not really – it’s really advanced digital manipulation. Now the technology has become so evolved that here’s a cassette tape of John [Lennon] playing piano, and now they’re able to isolate the voice.”

His words read:

“We’ve always had something similar, maybe not quite as good. As the technology has expanded now, we’re able to become quite clever about the quality that remains thereafter. And if it requires some quote-unquote AI manipulation? OK, that’s fine.”

Kramer Did It Before

Kramer has experience with this type of work. He mixed the recently released live album ‘Jimi Hendrix Experience: Hollywood Bowl August 18, 1967’ after the original tapes were found by someone who contacted the Experience Hendrix team.

So, the producer is open to using his skills for more such projects. Asked whether there was new Hendrix material ‘around the corner,’ he said:

“I’ve done it before, but now it’s going to be on a much higher level. There are tapes that I would love to get my hands on with John [McDermott] and Janie [Hendrix] and say, ‘Hey, maybe we can do X or Y.’ I would hesitate to use ‘around the corner’ because that corner could be quite lengthy, [but] hopefully, yes.”

Listen to the recent The Vinyl Guide episode with Eddie Kramer below.