Lacey Sturm Recalls Her First Encounter With Jonathan Davis Of Korn


In an interview with ASK4Entertainment on YouTube, former Flyleaf singer Lacey Storm talked about her first encounter with Jonathan Davis.

Lacey Sturm started her music career with the alternative metal band Flyleaf, which she co-founded but later left to concentrate on her private life. After leaving the band, she continued her stage life with various guest appearances and solo performances. Her solo debut album, ‘Life Screams,’ released in 2016, made her the first solo female musician to top the Billboard Hard Rock Album category. She has worked with various bands, including Apocalyptica, We As Human, and Love and Death.

Love and Death is the re-branding of the touring band with which Korn guitarist Brian’ Head’ Welch collaborated to promote his solo album, ‘Save Me From Myself.’ Besides performing on the guitarist’s side project since 2009, the band has also worked with many different names. Recently, in 2021, the band covered ‘Let Me Love You.’ Storm appeared as a guest on this song.

Recently, Lacey Storm was a guest on the Making Waves, and the young star explained that she met Jonathan Davis while in a band that would open for Korn in a concert. She explained that when Storm asked where the toilet was, Korn’s production lady said she could use Korn’s vocalist’s, and she was pretty excited.

Their first encounter took place while Storm was washing her hands in Jonathan’s bathroom. The young star humorously said she was scared when she first saw the frontman. She explained that she expected Jonathan to be ‘dark’ in his daily life due to the tone of his band, but the vocalist reacted very politely.

Storm told the story in her own words:

“I respect so many people for so many different reasons. When we went out with Korn, I remember the first time I met Jonathan Davis. I was like [sighs].

We were the openers, and we were in the Nobody band. Their production lady said I could use his bathroom. I don’t even know. I was like, ‘where’s the bathroom,’ and she was like ‘use this one here.’ And then, all of a sudden I just happened washing my hands. I was just washing my hands, and he opens the door, and he’s like 10 feet tall, not really but… There is Jonathan Davis, and I was like, ‘I’m sorry, I was in here.’ It was like, ‘Don’t eat me’ [laughs].

It was just like this scary moment, because Jonathan Davis, you know? Anyway, he was so kind, he was like ‘It’s no problem’. They are not ogres, like you would think, like this is scary dude. It’s funny when you actually talk to somebody that’s really dark in their music, but you know, not as dark when you talk.”

You can watch the interview below.