Howard Stern Shares What Bob Dylan Said To John Mellencamp

Howard Stern Show posted a sneak peek video of John Mellencamp’s previous interview on Instagram when he was one of the guests of the show in 2017. In the video, Mellencamp talked about Billy Joel’s words about his first hit records and revealed Bob Dylan’s phone call about one of his songs.

As you have already known, John Mellencamp gained great fame and popularity during the 80s after he released his hits singles ‘Hurts So Good,’ ‘Jack & Diane,’ ‘Crumblin’ Down,’ ‘Pink Houses,’ ‘Small Town,’ ‘R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A.,’ ‘Paper in Fire,’ and ‘Cherry Bomb‘ with many more. Even though he received positive reviews from them, he couldn’t forget especially one of them.

John Mellencamp recalled the time when Billy Joel called him for the first time in his interview. Joel called him to congratulate him and to express his appreciation for one of his singles. Mellencamp stated that the record which Joel liked the most was probably ‘For Tonight’ however he didn’t remember it very well. He thought that supporting each other was very important in this competitive industry.

In one of his previous interviews which was shared by the Instagram account of Howard Stern Show, John Mellencamp revealed that he called Bob Dylan to say that he liked his works. He also recalled that Dylan called him to share his ideas on one of his records after their first conversation. Apparently, he couldn’t forget Bob Dylan’s saying ‘your record sucks’ to him on the phone.

Howard Stern Show’s Instagram post read as follows:

“John Mellencamp on his friendship with Billy Joel (2017)

After John Mellencamp had his first hit record he got an unexpected call from Billy Joel. The singer tells Howard about the phone conversation that led to their longtime friendship.”

Mellencamp recalled these times saying:

“I was the right guy to do it. Billy Joel asked me to inducted him but I couldn’t. When I had my first hit record, out of the blue the phone rang and it was him. How did he find my number? I was living in a tiny house in Indiana. He said ‘hey it’s Billy Joel and I love your new single.’

Maybe it was ‘For Tonight’ but I can’t remember. I said ‘thank you.’ You cannot forget something like that. I have had other people called me and I have called other people too. I called Bob Dylan and he also called me and said ‘that record sucks John.’

You can watch the video below.