Heart’s Ann Wilson Says She’s Open To Play Black Sabbath Songs

Heart’s Ann Wilson recently talked about the band’s music style during an appearance on The Jasta Show. The vocalist said she’s open to playing heavier sounds like Black Sabbath’s music.

In 1967, Heart rose to fame with their rock, heavy metal, and folk sound when they first emerged. The band formed by two sisters, Ann and Nancy Wilson, continued their successful journey in rock and roll with a few hiatuses. The band has recently been active since 2019 and had released its latest album ‘Beautiful Broken’ in 2016.

Even though they are considered one of the best rock and heavy metal bands of all time, they also created and performed softer folk songs which showed the variety in their creations. Hence in a recent interview, she was asked if she would consider singing heavier songs. Known for her powerful voice, operatic talents, and banshee screams, Ann replied that she would be capable of singing anything.

The interviewer asked the singer if she would be up to singing hard rock, heavy metal music like Dio, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden and Black Sabbath. The vocalist replied by saying that she loves the ‘super dynamics’ and that she is capable of singing anything from a tender ballad to heavy rock. Hence, she agreed that she would sing in the style of these bands, including Sabbath.

Here is what the interviewer asked:

“Have you thought about doing something super heavy, like Dio style, Black Sabbath, Alice in Chains, or Soundgarden?”

Here is what Ann Wilson replied:

“Yeah. We’ve had a couple of songs like that. Heart has this one called ‘Rage.’ It’s definitely that. I’m always open to that. I think the super dynamics are the sh*t. I can go all the way down to the tender ballad, all the way up to a million pounds of rock.”

You can watch the whole interview below.