Twisted Sister Guitarist Reveals What Dee Snider Does Behind The Scenes Before Every Show


During a recent conversation on The Metal Voice, Twisted Sister guitarist Jay Jay French shared his views on Dee Snider’s talents as a frontman and disclosed the secret practice that Snider has been doing before every concert since 1976.

Twisted Sister was founded in 1972 but they released their first album ten years later which marked their rise in fame. TW came to be known as one of the most influential bands of the ’80s but soon after achieving worldwide fame, the band’s lead vocalist Dee Snider decided to leave the band.

The increasing tensions within the band were known but the reason why Snider quit was never clearly stated. Upon their disbandment, there were some attempted reunions but none of them worked out and Twisted Sister gave out their last performance a year after their bandmate A.J. Pero’s passing, on November 12, 2016, in Monterrey.

In his recent interview, Jay Jay French recalled the days he’d get up on stage with Snider and described him as ‘the greatest frontman‘ he’s ever encountered. He said that over the years, he saw Snider sing against every frontman in the rock and metal scene but that there’s not anyone that touches him.’

French went on to say that Snider takes his job very seriously and that he’s seen him do a ‘two-hour warm-up‘ ever since Snider was hired to Twisted Sister. Apparently, Snider stretches both physically and vocally so as to ‘be the best he can be’ and that’s why Twisted Sister has the reputation of always giving amazing live performances.

Here’s what Jay Jay French said about Dee Snider:

“Dee is predatory as a frontman, the greatest frontman I’ve ever seen. I’ve stood shoulder to shoulder to him, and I’ve watched him against every frontman there is, there’s not one that touches him, in my opinion, not one in terms of his abilities and his professional approach to performing.

He does a two-hour warm-up every single day, from the day he was hired to be in the band in 1976, every single day, every single dressing room he does two hours of warm-up.

And he stretches, and he prepares himself to be the best he can be, and it’s a hell of a responsibility, and god knows – if I phoned it in and we sucked, then what? There’s a reputation Twisted has about being great, live. So, you’ve seen us six times. Would you say that every time was roughly the same level of intensity?”

To which the interviewer responded:

“Yes, I would.”

And French said:

“No change? Yeah. So you don’t think we have pride in that? I’ve enormous pride.”

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