Hanoi Rocks’ Andy McCoy On Kurt Cobain’s Death, ‘I Don’t Believe In Suicide’


Hanoi Rocks guitarist Andy McCoy recently spoke to Mikayla Beyer in a recent interview and revealed his thoughts on Kurt Cobain‘s tragic passing. During the conversation, McCoy argued that he doesn’t believe in suicide.

Kurt Cobain left a legacy for future generations when he passed away on April 5, 1994. Throughout his career with Nirvana, he wrote classic hits that still have a vast audience today. Moreover, he was noted as one of the most influential musicians in alternative rock history with his songwriting and persona.

Although he enjoyed massive success with Nirvana, Kurt Cobain struggled with severe depression. He had a tumultuous relationship with his wife, Courtney Love, and he was crushed under the pressure of fame. To cope with these feelings, Cobain started abusing drugs severely.

During the last years of his life, Cobain started using drugs more. In March 1994, he overdosed on a combination of Rohypnol and Champagne. As a result, he entered an intervention and underwent a detox program. Sadly, a month later, on April 5, Cobain was found dead at his home from a self-inflicted shotgun wound to the head.

In a recent interview with Mikayla Beyer, Hanoi Rocks’ Andy McCoy spoke about seeing Kurt Cobain a couple of days before his passing. McCoy stated that he met the Nirvana icon at his lawyer’s office and recalled what the musician’s eyes looked like. The guitarist then argued that Cobain’s death was shady because he doesn’t believe a person would commit suicide while high on heroin.

Speaking to Mikayla Beyer, Andy McCoy said the following:

“My f*cking lawyer’s office, where else in Beverly Hills. He had these light blue eyes; I saw what his pupils were like. Oh yeah, another casualty. And my friend Duff from GN’R was on the same flight, offering me a ride home. Something really shady. I don’t believe in suicide while you’re high on heroin. Hell no.”

You can watch the rest of the interview below.