Guns N’ Roses Upstaged Ronnie James Dio In ‘Thor’ Feature, Vinny Appice Explains

Marvel movies are known for featuring classic rock n’ roll tracks, and it was no different for the ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ movie that came out last year. Vinny Appice told Sonic Perspectives that, as Dio, their track was featured in the end credits, but they were upstaged by a Guns N’ Roses track.

The talks to include Dio’s track ‘Rainbow in the Dark’ in the latest Thor movie were a journey that seemed to have no destination. Although it felt like it wouldn’t happen at one point, the producers eventually decided to add it to the very end of the film during the credits.

However, when Appice went to see the movie and heard their track play, he realized that a Guns N’ Roses track started to play before it got to Ronnie James Dio‘s voice. The drummer thought that Guns N’ Roses tracks didn’t have much to do with Thor movies compared to Dio’s lyrics and sound.

Vinny Appice’s words about Guns N’ Roses track playing during credits over Ronnie James Dio:

“40 years this year, it’s still going, you know, it was just in the movie Thor for the fourth movie. They said, well yeah, we’re going to use this, so they bought the song, okay, and then then it was like, oh well we’re not sure now, I go shit oh, so the next one was okay we’re going to use it, it’s going to run when the credits run okay whatever that’s better than nothing.”

“But we went to see it, my girlfriend and I, and were sitting there. The credits start running down, you know, the big credits, and Guns and Roses are playing, you know, like I didn’t think Guns N’ Roses songs had too much to do with Thor as much as Ronnie’s lyrics and stuff, but whatever million dollar song and then they finished the big credits and then all the crew credits and the smaller ones thousands of people on this and then ‘Rainbow in the Dark’ started I said, ‘Boy they waited to the end,’ yeah you know what any there’s a lot of people that stayed at the end of the movies they’re going to hear that song so they’ll walk out of the theater go, man, remember that song.”

Even though they were overtaken by Guns N’ Roses, the drummer was still overjoyed to be in the movies after all these years. Being featured in the end credits was still a proud moment for Appice because, for the people who stayed to the end, it was a moment of nostalgia and a recollection of ‘Rainbow in the Dark’ and Dio years later.