Gilby Clarke Clarifies If He Had A Say In GNR While Working With Axl Rose And Slash

Former Guns N’ Roses guitarist, Gilby Clarke unveiled what he had been through during playing for Guns N’ Roses as their rhythm guitarist. He also answered the question of Jeff Gaudiosi about whether he could express his ideas among Axl Rose And Slash in his interview for Misplaced Straws.

As you may know, during the Use Your Illusion Tour, Gilby Clarke replaced Izzy Stadlin as the rhythm guitarist of the band in 1991. He continued to play with Guns N’ Roses for three years until Axl Rose fired him from the band. In one of his previous interviews, Clarke stated that Slash came to him and said Axl didn’t want him in the band. Axl Rose was the one who made the calls in the band.

Clarke continued his solo career and formed his supergroup, Rock Star Supernova including members of Metallica and Mötley Crüe. He recently released his latest solo work ‘The Gospel Truth’ on April 23, 2021. During the interview, Clarke recalled what he felt when he was the rhythm guitarist of Guns N’ Roses. He stated that he wanted to be unique and he didn’t want to be new Izzy Stadlin.

Jeff Gaudiosi asked him whether he was able to share his ideas with his former bandmates, Axl Rose and Slash or not. Gilby Clarke answered this question saying that they were in a bubble with their enormous fame and popularity and he was the one that stayed outside. So, he didn’t make the final decision. But, he also added that he did have a say and both Axl Rose and Slash asked him questions about different subjects throughout his playing with them in Guns N’ Roses.

Here’s what he said:

I actually did have a say. Slash would ask me questions all the time. Axl Rose asked me questions all the time. Understand, they were in a bubble. Their success came so fast and stuff, and I’m the one that stepped from the outside who was still the dirty guy from the Hollywood streets. So they did ask me questions. I helped pick some of the bands that opened for Guns N’ Roses, like Helmet. They never heard of Helmet before, and I was like, ‘Helmet is a great band. You guys check them out.’ But I didn’t really have the final decision on anything. They’re gonna do what they wanted to do.

You can watch the whole episode below.

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