Geraint Watkins Admits Dire Straits’ Mark Knopfler Is Hard To Collaborate With

Geraint Watkins recently chatted with Raised On Radio and recalled being a rock star in the 70s, working with the best of the music industry, and why Dire Straits icon Mark Knopfler was challenging to work with.

Watkins, a celebrated songwriter and pianist, has an impressive resume when it comes to his collaborations all around the rock scene, as he worked with numerous icons such as Paul McCartney, Roy St. John, and Van Morrison. He also collaborated with Knopfler in the 70s, the period we might modestly call the golden age of rock and roll.

So, while discussing his team-ups with other artists, he noted McCartney was great to work with, calling the Beatles icon ‘really nice.’ When it came to opening up about getting into the studio with Mark, however, Geraint had a few mixed feelings, discussing how Knopfler wasn’t the easiest person to work with.

The rocker, nonetheless, called Mark a ‘really nice bloke,’ appreciating his genius and the creative directions he would take while composing hit pieces. Still, it was surprising for Watkins to witness different sides of Knopfler while working in the studio since the frontman could be a lovely person and a complex musical genius at the same time.

The pianist on collaborating with Knopfler:

“Mark Knopfler’s a lovely bloke, but the job is a little bit challenging, I gotta say… but it was great working with him because he’s such a consummate musician… great guitar riffs and songs, a lovely bloke. [It’s surprising] how he can be that sort of genius and be a really nice bloke… I don’t know.”

So, although Mark was a bit challenging in the studio, it was hard not to be impressed by his musical genius and talent for composition. Watkins was surely in awe of Knopfler’s skills, appreciating the rocker even though admitting that it hadn’t been the easiest working with him.