George Harrison’s Favorite Beatles Song In ‘Abbey Road’ Album

Coming up with a new song takes a lot of time. Writing the lyrics, composing the music, mixing, remastering, and ensuring that everything is in harmony requires tremendous effort from each band member. So, although a song might appear relatively simple, it’s pretty precious in the creators’ eyes.

Every musician has a favorite from their music catalog. Some might expect the artists’ favorites to be their biggest hits, but it’s often the song they believe is underrated. Although not as popular as others, this song usually has a special meaning for the musician or simply sounds more pleasant to their ears.

Throughout their career, the Beatles granted many timeless hits to the music scene. Thanks to their talents and endless efforts, almost every one of their songs was a hit. For instance, their 1969 album ‘Abbey Road’ was an immediate commercial success and became an iconic release. Besides, it featured a song that George Harrison noted as his favorite.

Which ‘Abbey Road’ Track Did George Harrison Like The Most?

Recorded in April, July, and August 1969, the Beatles’ classic ‘Abbey Road’ was released on September 26, 1969, in the UK, and October 1, 1969, in the US. After its release, the album topped the charts by reaching number 1 in both countries. Besides, ‘Abbey Road’s album cover has become a timeless classic and among the most famous in music history.

Although it featured many hits, ‘Abbey Road’ also included a song that George Harrison loved more than the others. However, it wasn’t one of his two songs on the album, ‘Something’ or ‘Here Comes The Sun.’ Titled ‘Because,’ the song was written by John Lennon and featured a three-part vocal harmony by Lennon, McCartney, and Harrison.

Speaking to Ritchie Yorke in a 1969 interview, George Harrison stated that ‘Because’ was possibly his favorite song from ‘Abbey Road’ because it featured lyrics that are so simple. As it appears, Harrison was a fan of simplicity and lyrics that speak for themselves without any obscurity.

When Yorke told him that ‘Because’ has a beautiful tune, George Harrison said the following:

“I think this is possibly my favorite one on the album because it’s just so simple, the lyrics are so simple.”

You can listen to the Beatles’ ‘Because’ below.