Genesis’ Peter Gabriel Shares What Makes America ‘Appalling’

Former Genesis singer Peter Gabriel opened up about gun use in the United States of America. In a recent video for a new initiative called Artist for Action, the rocker and many other musicians have united to raise awareness on gun control. Gabriel appears at the beginning of the video to share the following about his view of America and his safety:

“Much as I love the United States, I’m always appalled at the ease with which anyone can get a hold of a weapon.”

Alongside Gabriel, Mark Barden, Joey Santiago of Pixies, LP, Sheryl Crow, and many more joined to be a part of the movement for the prevention of gun violence. Crow spoke of Capitol Hill and expressed her disappointment:

“The people on Capitol Hill aren’t gonna do the work, and we’re just gonna get louder and louder until it’s unavoidable.”

The initiative was launched by Mark Barden alongside Rick Korn with the aim of engaging large groups of Americans and keeping them safe and sound. In the video, Barden states that the mission of the initiative is to build a coalition of artists of any kind to come together to prevent gun violence.

Variety reported that Bush will take place for a concert next summer in Central Park during Gun Violence Awareness Month.

Below, you can see the ‘Artist For Action’ video.