David Crosby Reveals His Deep Regret About Blues Legend Stevie Ray Vaughan

The Byrds guitarist David Crosby took his official Twitter account to share a new post and revealed the regret he has about Stevie Ray Vaughan.

As you might already know, David started to use social media frequently especially after the coronavirus outbreak hit the world, and he has been answering the most wondered questions about himself.

Although most of the fans ask about Crosby’s favorite musicians or his opinion on the albums, one of the fans wondered if there any musicians that he has never seen live on the stage and wish he had.

Surprisingly, David Crosby revealed that he has never watched Stevie Ray Vaughan live and this is the regret he has about the blues legend. In this way, he paid his tribute to another iconic guitarist.

One of the fans asked:

“David is there a musician that you missed seeing live in concert and wish you had?”

David Crosby replied:

“Stevie Ray.”

You can check out the post below.