Billie Joe Armstrong Announces He Has Found His Stolen Car

Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong announced in his recent Instagram post that he found his stolen car, for which he asked for help before. He shared how happy he is to find it in one piece.

Armstrong is known to be interested in classic cars, and he has also been collecting them for a long time. Previously, he auctioned two off his vehicles, a 1963 Chevrolet Nova SS and a 1969 Fiat 500 Soft Top. His choice has always been in favor of driving vintage automobiles rather than other new and luxury models.

However, the singer shared some bad news last week and said that his 1962 Chevy II, which he has owned for more than thirty years, was stolen. He stated in his tweet that this car had an exceptional place for him and the band. He posted some photos of the vehicle and shared a contact number for any tips. The fans responded very quickly to his request and retweeted his message over 1,500 times on Twitter.

Billie Joe Armstrong was really worried about the car, but fortunately, he recently shared the good news with an Instagram post and announced that he finally found his stolen car. Armstrong stressed that the person who stole the car surprisingly left it back. It made the singer very happy that the vehicle was untouched and had no damage on it. Armstrong ended his post by thanking everyone who tried their best to find his car.

Billie Joe Armstrong’s Instagram post read:

Found my car! The false alarm. Turns out I forgot where I parked it… Kidding! The truth is the person that stole it left it parked. Joy ride? Maybe. Who knows. We live in desperate times. Thank god it’s all in one piece. No damage. Thank you, thank you to everyone that searched for my Chevy. Love you all.”

You can have a look at the photos he posted on Instagram below.

Photo Credit: Billie Joe Armstrong – Instagram