Robert Smith Announces The Cure’s Upcoming Album Will Be Titled ‘Songs Of A Lost World’

The Cure frontman Robert Smith spoke to NME about the band’s upcoming album during an interview at the 2022 BandLab NME Awards and revealed that its title will be ‘Songs Of A Lost World.’

In 2018, Cure released a remastered edition of ‘Mixed Up’ and a sequel titled ‘Torn Down,’ which features 16 remixes created by Robert Smith. Following that, in 2019, they released a live album featuring their 2018 Meltdown and Hyde Park performances. Apart from these two, the band made no new releases since their ‘4:13 Dream.’

In 2019, Robert Smith hinted at a new album release and said they were recording some songs for the upcoming record. However, although fans were quite excited to hear new material from the band, they made no releases that year. In June 2021, the Cure announced two new albums that have been completed.

On March 3, Robert Smith joined synth-rock band Chvrches on the stage and received an award for Best Song By A UK Artist for his collaboration with the band titled ‘How Not To Drown.’ Together, they also performed the Cure’s ‘Just Like Heaven.’ While speaking at the awards ceremony, Smith revealed some interesting details about the upcoming record.

While talking to NME, Robert Smith said the second one of the Cure albums he has been working on is finished. He said there are ten songs on each album, and he has three weeks to finish recording vocals for the first one, as they will be mixing the record on April 1. Moreover, Smith revealed that the album would be titled ‘Songs Of A Lost World,’ and it will probably be released in September.

During the conversation, Robert Smith said the following:

“I’ve been working on two Cure albums, and one of them’s finished, but unfortunately, it’s the second one that’s finished. So the first one… I’ve got to do four vocals. So it’s ten songs on each album. We’re mixing next month – 1st of April we start mixing, so I’ve got three weeks to finish.

I know what it’s called. It’s called ‘Songs Of A Lost World.‘ It’s got artwork, and it’s got a running order, so it’s almost done. It will be out in… they’re so slow because of vinyl and stuff, but it might come out as early as September, probably, I think. I’d rather it just come out. I can’t stand the anticipation for much longer – it’s killing me!”

You can watch the full interview below.