Gene Simmons Warns Taylor Hawkins’ Son During His Live Performance With Chevy Metal

Gene Simmons recently appeared on stage with Chevy Metal, but he couldn’t keep up with Shane Hawkins’ speed.

Recently, the band shared footage from one of their recent shows where Simmons joined them as a surprise. During the show, the late Taylor Hawkins’ son Shawn is seen to play the drums too fast. During one part of the performance, the KISS rocker turns his back to warn the drummer because he can’t keep up with him.

Fan Reactions

Fans loved that the younger Hawkins’ band played with Simmons and the fact that he wanted the drummer to slow down. One user commented:

“Gene telling the kid to slow down! The kid is awesome!”

Another said:

“Geno didn’t wanna play at Shane speed.”

One user thought it was funny and wrote:

“LOL uncle Gene telling Shane to slow down.”

How Chevy Metal Started

Chevy Metal started out playing in small bars and clubs for their first ten years. The late Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins then took them to bigger venues like arenas and festivals, where they would jam with other rock stars like Dave Grohl, Joan Jett, and even Mick Jagger.

After Taylor’s passing, the band came together to honor him at memorial shows at Wembley Stadium and The Forum. At first, these were supposed to be their last gigs. However, Taylor’s son felt the band should keep going. So, he stepped in as their new drummer.

You can see the Instagram post here and more footage from the show down below.