Duran Duran’s Simon Le Bon Has Confusing Thoughts On ‘Vulnerable’ Princess Diana

Duran Duran‘s lead singer Simon Le Bon recently sat down with Krishnan Guru-Murthy of Channel 4 News for an interview and recalled meeting and spending time with Princess Diana. According to the vocalist, she seemed both fun and vulnerable, as she was going through a difficult period at the time.

It is publicly known that Princess Diana was very passionate about music. She was actually famously friends with the names like Freddie Mercury and George Michael. It is also known that she was a big fan of Duran Duran, as she always referred to them as her favorite band.

In a new conversation, the host Guru-Murthy reminded Le Bon of Princess Diana’s admiration for Duran Duran. He asked if it was true and what it was like for the singer to meet her. Le Bon revealed that all the band members had met Princess Diana while she was working out at the Harbour Club. However, the vocalist is unsure whether her statements about Duran Duran were her actual feelings.

According to Le Bon, she might have said that kind of thing just to look cool, as they were pretty popular at the time. Yet, he also finds it disrespectful to the memory of Princess Diana. So, the singer intends to believe that she really meant it when she said that Duran Duran was her favorite band. Then, when the host asked what she was like, Simon explained that she was both fun and vulnerable, as he was going through a tough time in her personal life.

Recalling how he met Princess Diana, Simon Le Bon said:

“Yes, we all met her. I used to meet her at the Harbour Club when she used to work out there. Whether we were actually her favorite group is something that… well, I don’t know why she said that we were her favorite group. Did she say it to look cool? Or because she thought that that was what the kids were thinking at the time. Because I think that that’s quite disrespectful to the memory of her if you think so. I tend to think, ‘Well, that’s what she said, so take it at face value.'”

The host asked:

What was she like?

Le Bon responded:

Fun. But also she was vulnerable. I do think she had a very rough time at the hands of the press. She was also strong. Because of what she said and the way she bucked against a marriage that clearly wasn’t happy for her. She wasn’t prepared to just keep quiet and put up with it.”

Princess Diana struggled with intense media scrutiny throughout her life and was subject to endless tabloid stories. Her marriage to Prince Charles was also closely monitored. These issues seemed to take a toll on her mental health, as Simon Le Bon also realized during their brief interactions.