Gene Simmons Says Being In The Rolling Stones Would Have Been Smarter Than Being In KISS


KISS’ Gene Simmons was interviewed by CNN in which he stated that playing with The Rolling Stones would be a smarter decision for him.

Gene Simmons is the bassist and co-lead singer of KISS. He co-founded the band with Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley, and Peter Criss back in January 1973. Throughout their career, which spans almost 50 years, KISS released numerous successful albums and received several awards. However, they are currently getting ready to end their musical career after their ‘End Of The Road’ tour.

KISS is mainly known for the band members’ stage makeup and outfits and their thrilling live shows featuring pyrotechnics, fire-breathing, shooting rockets, and more. In most of their performances, the band members wear costumes and take on comic-book-style characters’ personas. For instance, Simmons appears on the stage as The Demon while Stanley is The Starchild.

In a recent interview by CNN, Gene Simmons talked about KISS’ farewell tour and why they decided to end their musical career. He stated that he is now 72 years old, and it’s best to quit while they’re still doing great. Simmons then said he doesn’t want to be on the stage at a later age.

Following that, Simmons claimed that they are the hardest working band with the most elaborate shows. He also talked about their stage outfits and live shows, as well as their makeup. The bassist then stated that it would be wiser to be in the Rolling Stones playing the bass and wearing normal outfits without breaking a sweat. 

Gene Simmons told CNN that:

“The reality is that I’m 72 now. I still have hair on my head but a lot more on my back. You want to quit and get out while the iron is hot and getting is good. I don’t wanna be up on stage at 75 or 80, and that’s because we’re the hardest working band in show business.

I had to wear 40 pounds of armor, 8-inch platform heels, wear more makeup and higher heels than any female you know, spitfire, and fly through the air. I mean, I would have been smarter to be in the Stones playing the guitar, wearing a t-shirt and sneakers, and never having to break a sweat. Other than Jagger, of course.

So, we are getting out while the getting is good, the health is good, we’re rocking it, and we’re doing great. Go out when you’re on top instead of when you’re a sorry mess afterward.”

You can check out the rest of the interview below.