Ted Nugent’s Pride Month Message: ‘Nobody Cares If You’re Gay’

In one of the latest episodes of Nightly Nuge, Ted Nugent shared his thoughts on the pride month.

During the chat, the other host explained that 11 NFL cities were refusing to celebrate the pride month. In response, Nugent shared his happiness and claimed that no one cared that people were gay:

“Hallelujah! Boy, I knew I felt the love somewhere. But again, if you’re gay here’s the bottom line — nobody cares. We just want to know, are you honest? Do you show up on time? Do you put your heart and soul into being the best that you can be? Can your family and friends and your fellow Americans trust you?”

He then made a few controversial comments about the LGBTQ+ community:

“Nobody cares what your sexual proclivities might be behind closed doors — we hope you keep it behind closed doors. But bottom line is why would sexuality be some source of pride unless you have a hidden agenda like the drag queens where they literally twerk fat men’s genitals to little boys and girls singing ‘It won’t lick itself’? You’re proud of that? I don’t think so.”

Nugent’s Take On Brands Supporting LGBTQ+

Nugent hasn’t been shy to share his thoughts about the community. The musician did not just slam the community itself, but the brands who support it. Nugent became one of the names that criticized Bud Light for working with a trans person.

Nugent shared his thoughts on Anheuser-Busch teaming up with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney. He also called out a Pride-themed campaign by Jack Daniel’s and said it disrespects the brand’s conservative customers. He said:

“How can they possibly have a meeting around the table and come to the conclusion that they’re going to piss in the face of the people who pay their salaries? This is the epitome of cultural deprivation in an ongoing tsunami of cultural deprivation.”

You can see the episode of the show below.