Liam Gallagher Adds Noel Gallagher To The Greatest Rock Singers List

In a series of recent tweets, Liam Gallagher added his brother, Noel Gallagher, to the list of Billboard’s 10 Greatest Rock Lead Singers of All Time.

The Rock History account on Twitter shared Billboard’s list, including names like Mick Jagger, Stevie Nicks, Freddie Mercury, and Robert Plant. Liam left a sarcastic comment, just writing:

“Noel Gallagher.”

Fan Reactions To His Words

This response led to mixed reactions from Oasis fans, with some wondering if the Gallagher brothers had secretly reconciled. One of them wrote:

“So, now that we’ve established that, when is the Oasis reunion?”

Another fan was also hopeful about the reunion, as they noted:

“Seriously, did you two get back together secretly and just didn’t tell us?”

However, there were also some who didn’t think so positively, as one comment added:

“Crazy how many people don’t see that it’s a roast.”

Liam’s Recent Social Media Interactions

Liam has been quite active on social media lately, often engaging with fans and other topics with his characteristic wit. In response to news about Manchester City’s potential relegation from the Premier League, Liam’s remark ‘If you cunts’ led to a fan teasing about the likelihood of Noel reaching out for an Oasis reunion, to which Liam humorously replied:

“He’s always on the phone. What are you talking about, Willis?”

Liam’s Conditions For Oasis Reunion And A Softer Stance Towards Noel

In another interaction last month, Liam answered fans’ questions about a possible Oasis reunion. He stated that it could happen if Noel agreed to certain conditions, hinting at a softer attitude towards his brother. This was further exemplified in October, when Liam reached out to Noel with supportive words amid personal challenges, saying:

“Listen, I love Rkid. He’s going through a lot of snizxle at the moment, and it’ll work itself out. He knows where I am if he needs a cuddle and a hug, Oasis, till I die. LG x.”

Moving from playful comments on Twitter to more serious topics, in a new chat with the Guardian, Liam challenged Noel’s reasons for leaving Oasis. He suggested that Noel’s intention to go solo was evident long before the band’s breakup, criticizing Noel’s change in attitude over the years and questioning his current associations in contrast to his refusal to reunite Oasis.

See all the tweets below.