Liam Gallagher Shares The Only Thing Noel Gallagher Had To Do For Oasis Reunion

Liam Gallagher recently answered the fans’ questions on X and revealed the one condition Noel Gallagher needed to fulfill for an Oasis reunion.

A user on the platform wanted to learn about Liam’s thoughts on a previous statement of Noel, saying:

“Of course, an Oasis reunion could happen. But I can’t envisage waking up one day and thinking I want to spend two years on the road arguing all around the world with Liam.”

Liam’s Reply To A Fan’s Question

Liam noted in his response:

“If he does as he’s told, all will be swell.”

Liam’s Supportive Stance

The singer has been taking a softer attitude towards his brother lately. In October, he again shared a post on X and reached out to Noel with words of support. Liam wrote:

“Listen, I love Rkid. He’s going through a lot of snizxle at the moment, and it’ll work itself out. He knows where I am if he needs a cuddle and a hug, Oasis, till I die. LG x.”

In his following tweet, the rocker disclosed what they might discuss in a possible encounter with his brother, saying:

“I’d say, what the f*ck are those hobnail boots on your plates? All about there offensive. You’re from Manchester. You should know better, as we take our 3 b 2s very seriously. Take them off, and I’ll give you a piggyback home.”

Fan Hopes Following Tour Details

Fan expectations for a reunion have increased, especially after the tour announcement of Liam for the 30th anniversary of ‘Definitely Maybe’ in 2024. Earlier, the singer asked his brother if he would join the tour, but Noel said no. Last month, Liam replied to a fan asking about the upcoming trek and whether it would stop rumors about Oasis getting back together. He said:

“I’m not sure how his rite said works these days all I know is I’m here, I’m gonna be there and if all goes well, I’ll be f*cking everywhere.”

In June 2024, Liam has 12 concerts planned, including three nights at Manchester’s new Co-Op Live, the largest indoor arena in the UK opening in May. He’ll also have three performances at The O2 in London.

The tour will feature fan favorites that were released during Oasis’ ‘Definitely Maybe’ era, including tracks like ‘Whatever,’ ‘Fade Away,’ ‘Listen Up,’ and ‘Sad Song.’ Gallagher might perform alongside original Oasis member Paul Arthurs, also known as Bonehead.

You can see his tweet below.