Liam Gallagher Reacts To Noel Gallagher Accusing Him To Ruin Oasis

In a recent interview with the Guardian, Liam Gallagher refuted the claims made by his brother, Noel Gallagher, about the reasons behind Oasis’ breakup.

Liam believes Noel always intended to go solo, as shown by Noel’s solo gigs during Oasis tours. Liam feels Noel ended the band for his own ambitions. However, Noel previously claimed that he left Oasis due to verbal and violent intimidation, and later, he cited a Paris altercation as the last straw.

Liam Claims Consistency In Behavior

Liam argued that his behavior, which included drinking, had been consistent throughout Oasis’s journey, saying:

“That was my behaviour since day one, and his. That’s what made Oasis what it was. I wasn’t any different, but all of a sudden, he’s turned into Ronan Keating or some soft cunt, going: ‘We can’t have that behaviour.'”

He feels that Noel’s attitude changed over time, criticizing him for now associating with controversial figures while refusing to reunite with Oasis. The singer noted:

“Meanwhile, [these days] he’s out on tour with f*cking [ex-Kasabian frontman] Tom Meighan, who’s allegedly, apparently … [referring to Meighan’s conviction for assault in 2020]. And yet you won’t get back in a band with me because I’m a ‘f*cking cunt’?! Eh, chill out, mate.”

Impact On Oasis Team And Personal Reflections

Liam also pointed out the wider impact of the band’s split, mentioning the job losses for the Oasis team. He said:

“There were 40 or 50 people working for Oasis. All of a sudden, everyone was out of a job. Meanwhile, he’s off with his guitar and his wife, having a lovely time.”

He admitted he hasn’t spoken directly to Noel about these issue, explaining:

“No. There’s been no chat. I haven’t seen him, and we won’t see each other. They are up their own arses, all of them. I know I’ve been humbled. And thank f*ck for it because it’s made me a better person. But he’s not. He’s still going round thinking he’s the man, but we’ll see.”

Supporting Liam’s recent statements, back in 2011, he took legal action against Noel. The rocker sued his brother for allegedly lying about the reasons behind Oasis’s cancellation of their 2009 V Festival performance. Noel had claimed that Liam’s hangover was the cause, a statement Liam denied. The singer insisted that his absence from the V Festival was due to laryngitis, not a hangover, and was upset at Noel’s allegations.