Ted Nugent Warns Fans About ‘Manufactured Fake Racism’ While Sharing His Predictions On Future Of U.S.

Former The Amboy Dukes lead guitarist Ted Nugent shared a post on his official Facebook page revealing his predictions on the outcomes of the time period while Joe Biden being the president of the United States, apparently, terrible things are waiting to happen in the United States’ future, according to Nugent, including ‘manufactured fake racism.’

As many of you know, Joe Biden became the 46th and current president of the United States after winning the 2020 presidential election over former president Donald Trump. Just like there is a majority of people who wanted Joe Biden to be the president, there are also numerous people who wanted to stick with Donald Trump.

Since Ted Nugent is all clear about his political views, it was a widely known fact that he’s a huge supporter of Donald Trump, therefore, it did not come as surprise when he shared a post on his official Facebook page and revealed his predictions about the future of the U.S. while Biden is the president.

Seemingly, every possible aspect of a country will collapse under Biden’s presidency from unemployment, to lack of freedom, food, energy, to gangsters slaughtering other gansters, to fake racism. Nugent also compared China and Russia to America and implied that they are going to be so ahead of the U.S.

In addition to all of these forecasts, Ted Nugent made a similarity between one of the poorest countries in the world, Zimbabwe, and the U.S. by stating that the United States is going to be as poor as that country due to Joe Biden.

Here is what Nugent said:

Nuge Predictions on Impacts of Biden presidency:
unemployment rises, energy and food costs soar, real wages shrink, freedoms are severely restricted or lost, membership in the NRA & GOA rises, gun & ammo sales soar, gangsters continue to slay other gangsters in Chicago, America becomes much more dependent on foreign energy, the Chinese and Russians play chess against America while Biden’s team plays tiddlywinks, a malaise smothers the country, interest rates rise, the select rich get richer while the poor become poorer, excuse-making and blaming others is a standard operating procedure, manufactured fake racism is the #1 issue in America, illegals become U.S. citizens, bloodsuckers outnumber producers, Hunter Biden isn’t investigated, and yours truly turns up my We The People freedom hellraising to new heights. Welcome to Zimbabwe

You can see the Facebook post below.

Nuge Predictions on Impacts of Biden presidency: unemployment rises, energy and food costs soar, real wages shrink,…

Posted by Ted Nugent on Friday, January 22, 2021