Neal Schon’s Plans For His New Band Worry Journey Fans

Neal Schon, the guitarist for Journey, recently shared a video on his Facebook page where he is seen jamming with his new guitar. In the comments section, Schon announced that he will be creating a new jam band and performing live shows in the near future. The comment read:

“I’m going to stick a Jam band together and do some dates in the fall, avant-garde jam.”

This comment worried some fans, making them wonder about Journey’s future. A fan asked the guitarist what would happen to the band, to which Schon responded with:

“Nothing. Giving Journey a rest as we have a huge year in front of us in 24.”

The band has experienced some past breakups due to creative differences among the band members. However, they have since reunited, and they seem to have no plans of breaking up or taking a hiatus anytime soon.

See the video and the comments here.