Gene Simmons Reveals His Approach To Bitcoin

KISS bassist Gene Simmons shared a post on his official Twitter page revealing that he already bought bitcoin several months ago and has high hopes for an upcoming record-breaking surge even higher than the last one.

As many of you know, the world has already started to digitalize from online shopping to virtual concerts, it is a daily routine to live, buy, experience, visit, read, date, pretty much anything you can think of online, therefore, a brand new asset started to occur throughout time in order to fulfill the digitalized life, cryptocurrency.

Many investors consider bitcoin to be the original cryptocurrency when it first created in January 2009 by an anonymous person or people and it encouraged the launch of hundreds of other cryptocurrencies, collectively referred to as altcoins. Cryptocurrencies are still complicated to many since they are not backed by any banks or governments, or valuable as a commodity.

Despite the fact that bitcoin is still not the most common unit of currency, it has started to become one of the biggest ones for sure for the past couple of years since it grew outstandingly, now one bitcoin equals more than $40.000 with more people investing their money in bitcoin rather than other currencies, valuable articles, or real estate.

While there are still plenty of people who are skeptical when it comes to all cryptocurrencies, Gene Simmons recently shared a post on his official Twitter revealing that he invested a great deal of money in bitcoin numerous months ago and he’s pleased with his decision since then.

Apparently, Simmons made a good amount of profit thanks to the recent rise in bitcoin after Elon Musk tweeted about it and announced that he invested $1.500.000.000 to bitcoin from Tesla and Simmons has a strong belief that it’s going to go even higher and higher over time.

Here is what Simmons said:

Bitcoin, I bought seven-figure months ago. It’s been very good to me. Do I believe it’s going even higher than the recent record-breaking surges? You bet!”

You can see the Twitter post below.