Nirvana Manager Addresses Courtney Love’s Impact On Rock Music

Nirvana’s manager gave an interview to Cobas & Fire and revealed his thoughts on the influence of Courtney Love on rock music.

Mostly known for her passionate relationship with Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love is also a successful singer and songwriter. She formed the alternative rock band Hole in 1989 with Eric Erlandson and rose to prominence as the band’s lead vocalist. During their career, Hole released four studio albums and received significant critical acclaim. Moreover, the band is among the most successful rock bands fronted by a woman.

Recently, Nirvana’s manager Danny Goldberg made an appearance on the podcast Cobas & Fire. Speaking about the 30th anniversary of Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind,’ he also shared his thoughts on Courtney Love’s musical career. Goldberg said that although Courtney Love is a complicated person, one who loves rock and roll cannot deny that she is a good artist.

Goldberg then talked about Hole’s widely-acclaimed album ‘Live Through This.’ He said that the album was voted album of the year by the readers of Rolling Stone and Spin. Nirvana’s manager then argued that Courtney inspired many women of that generation with her successful music career.

Goldberg told Cobas & Fire about Courtney Love that:

“Well, look, I haven’t been in touch with her the last couple of years. She was kind enough when I did the book to talk to me a few times about it, and we’re going in and out of touch over decades.

Since the pandemic, I think she’s living in London. Look, I think she’s a complicated person, but I don’t think if you love rock ‘n’ roll you can fairly deny that she’s a good artist.

I mean, Hole’s 1994 album ‘Live Through This’ was voted album of the year by Rolling Stone and Spin readers, so many women of that generation who were fans of and I think are inspired by Courtney.”

The band Hole was disbanded in 2002 and the band members went on working for other musical projects. In 2010, Love reformed Hole with new members, and the newly-reformed band released the album ‘Nobody’s Daughter’ the same year. However, in 2013, Love decided to retire the Hole name and pursue a solo career instead.