Alice Cooper Credits The Doors’ Jim Morrison For Setting An Example

The Godfather of Shock is gearing up for his brand-new show. Amid the calm, before the storm, Alice Cooper sat down with UCR to give insight about all his upcoming plans as well as discuss the chemistry he’s built with his touring band that created his signature sound, which he credits The Doors’ Jim Morrison as his guide in the industry.

Ever since Cooper introduced Bob Ezrin into the band and got involved to help with making the rocker’s music, he has found his signature sound. Alice recalled the time he came in and pointed out everything that could be tweaked and advised him to figure out his signature sound, and ‘Love it to Death’ was the beginning of the rest of his career.

Ezrin gave The Doors’ Jim Morrison as an example to showcase what he meant by having a signature sound, and it has stayed with Cooper ever since. From then on every track and studio album he worked on, he always asked himself whether it was a signature Alice Cooper sound, just like Morrison had provided for The Doors.

Alice Cooper’s words about finding his signature sound read:

“That has a lot to do with Ezrin. Bob Ezrin forced us into becoming a really good band. The band could play, but he was the guy that came in and said, ‘OK, this part is great. This part is great. I don’t understand where you’re going on this part because it doesn’t fit at all.’ And then ‘Love it to Death’ was born, and that was the first time you could listen to an Alice Cooper album and go, ‘Oh, that’s Alice Cooper.’

He added:

Because he gave us a signature when he started out with us, he said, ‘Why is it that when you hear a Doors song, you know it’s The Doors?’ He said, ‘Because Jim Morrison’s got a signature voice. Robby Krieger, nobody plays like him. Ray Manzarek, they have a sound. The Stones have a sound. You guys don’t have a signature sound or something that’s really you.’ And then, when we worked on ‘Love it to Death,’ Alice Cooper had a personality and signature sound. And then, after that, it just stayed there. If something came on the radio, you could go, ‘Oh, that’s Alice Cooper.'”

In light of his signature sound, the shock rocker has brought that mentality to everything that is around the corner, including his brand new show ‘Too Close for Comfort,’ which he’ll debut in April on a solo headlining tour before opening for Mötley Crüe and Def Leppard and also co-headlining alongside Rob Zombie this summer. So the rocker is about to bring his A-game, be sure to keep up!