Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea Claims Ghana Was Robbed Of Victory In FIFA World Cup 2022

It’s not surprising that a sports lover like Flea stays updated about the 2022 FIFA World Cup. As someone who likes to voice his opinions about the Lakers on Twitter, the bassist now posted a series of tweets about the match between Portugal and Ghana. According to Flea, Ghana’s 2-3 loss was unfair.

“Bullsh*t penalty call on Ghana,” wrote Flea on Twitter, criticizing the penalty given to Christiano Ronaldo. “Ghana was robbed just now,” he continued, implying this wasn’t fair. As VAR wasn’t consulted, this caused many to believe the penalty was a gift for Portugal; apparently, Flea is also among those.

“I repeat, that was a bullsh*t call against Ghana,” the bassist wrote in another tweet an hour later. “The defender beat Ronaldo to the ball. That call tilted the whole energy of the game.” Below this tweet, many of Flea’s fans gathered to support his claim, as most believed Ghana did great throughout the match.

Although Ghana tried their best to resist the Christiano Ronaldo-led Portugal team’ attacks, their defensive playing in the first 45 minutes ended up being futile. They ultimately gave in to the team’s relentless attacks, and Ronaldo scored the opening goal from the penalty spot. Toward the end, Portugal also scored two goals in two minutes.