Gene Simmons Explains If He’s Ever Used His Tongue To Paint His Artwork


KISS’ Gene Simmons appeared on PIX11 News, and during the conversation, he revealed whether he has ever used his tongue while creating artwork.

As you are already familiar with, Gene Simmons’ tongue is almost always out during his performances. His signature tongue measures seven inches long, and he likes to show it off any time possible. Simmons’ tongue is so abnormally long that some conspiracists claimed he had a cow’s tongue grafted onto his own. Thus, the rockstar was asked whether he has ever used his tongue while painting in a recent interview.

Aside from making music with KISS, Gene Simmons is also enthusiastic about art and painting. The musician started drawing and painting at eight years old and has created hundreds of illustrations and drawings. Although Simmons neglected his love for painting due to his music career, he had the chance to gather all his artwork during the pandemic. Now, he is preparing to reveal the art he created over the last 50 years in an exhibition.

Recently, Simmons chatted with PIX11 about his artwork and his upcoming exhibition. One of the anchors told him he is famous with his tongue and asked him if he ever used it while painting. Upon hearing this, Simmons appeared pretty surprised by the idea. The musician then said he didn’t think of it before but admitted he has used his fingers and some gardening tools while painting.

After being asked if he used his tongue to paint his artwork, Simmons said:

What a great idea, no! I have used my fingers because I don’t care. I have used gardening tools to move the paint around because I don’t know what the rules are. I’ve used my fingers because a paintbrush didn’t give me what I was imagining in my mind. But, my tongue…”

You can watch the entire conversation below.