Did Gene Simmons Graft A Cow’s Tongue Onto His Own? KISS Conspiracy Theories Explained

When someone mentions the genre of hard rock, there’s one band that immediately pops into people’s minds and that’s for sure KISS. Formed back in 1973 by Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, who later on recruited Peter Criss and Ace Frehley, KISS came to be known as the trailblazers of iconic stage performances.

The band achieved worldwide fame soon after their formation and the secret behind their worldwide success is their progressive music and powerful lyrics, but also their eccentric and authentic style. KISS members are widely known for their stage personas, fire-breathing antics, and outrageous music all of which contributed to their success.

However, there are two sides to the coin when it comes to reaching big audiences. While there are many that perceive them as the pioneers that they are, there are also thousands who attribute the outrageous band’s success to unbelievable reasons, such as bassist Gene Simmons’ cow-tongue and the band’s Satanist vibes.

The Truth Behind The Most Controversial Myth About Gene Simmons And His Tongue

This is probably one of the best conspiracy theories you must have heard and the fact that there are thousands who genuinely believe this story is just amusing. Gene Simmons is probably the most notorious member of the band and the fact that his stage persona is named Demon says a lot.

Aside from his skills as a bassist, Gene is known for being the rude one on stage who waggles his tongue, breathes fire, and spits blood. Next to him, Paul Stanley looks like an angel. Bearing in mind his eccentric stage persona, it shouldn’t be surprising that a lot of conspiracy theories have been instigated about this guy.

As mentioned above, one of the most popular ones is about his big tongue that we all know he likes to show off. Back in the ’70s when kids loved KISS and parents were terrified of them, some people started spreading the word that Simmons had cut a cow’s tongue and grafted it onto his own.

Although this seems like rumor parents and teachers started to scare the teenagers who couldn’t get enough of KISS, it probably encouraged many more to have a look at the band and the fact that they have been around for almost five decades proves that.

Do KISS Members Hail Satan?

Although there are many more conspiracy theories about KISS the second one that we’re going to refute today is about the band members doing Satan’s work. As mentioned above, when KISS started achieving mainstream fame and teenagers all around the world started banging their heads to their music, parents, and teachers were scared they would end up as disobedient as they are.

So, some instigated the rumor that KISS is an acronym for ‘Knights in Satan’s Service.’ During previous interviews, Paul Stanley had said that the reason why they went with the name KISS was that it would sound familiar no matter where you were in the world’ and because it has a lot of meanings and is open to interpretation.

As time went by and the conspiracy theory advocates grew in number Gene Simmons revealed why people think they are Satanists. Apparently, during an interview shortly after the release of their first album, Gene said that he sometimes wondered ‘what human flesh tastes like‘ but that he never really wanted to find out.

Here’s what he said during the interview:

“This rumor started as a result of an interview I gave in Circus magazine after our first album; in response to a question, I said that I sometimes wondered what human flesh tastes like. I never wanted to really find out, but I was curious intellectually.”

Although he made it clear that he had no intention to try human flesh, his words were twisted, and once someone ‘realized’ what the name KISS stood for, there was no going back. However, we hope that with this article we have made it clear that Gene Simmons sports his own tongue and that KISS doesn’t hail Satan by they are definitely hailed by millions.