Gene Simmons Doesn’t Care What His Legacy Means To Other People

Various artists, from Jimi Hendrix to Freddie Mercury, have become immortal through their music. These timeless icons are remembered years after their death, and thus, it is common for artists to worry about their legacy. Gene Simmons, however, seems to have no worries about his legacy as the rocker revealed that immortality doesn’t mean anything to him while speaking to Guitar Magazine.

“You know, I don’t think in those terms,” expressed the rocker, discussing how his iconic bass will be a part of his cult image. “I have a very large ego, don’t wonder about that! I’m clear about that. It’s difficult for me to walk past a mirror without stopping to say, ‘yo, what’s up?’”

Despite his ego, Simmons isn’t worried about his legacy. He said, “But as far as what it’s going to mean after I’m gone, oh my god, who cares? There are people that want to leave a legacy and are concerned with what is said about them after they’re gone. I don’t care; it doesn’t mean anything to me.”

Simmons will surely be remembered for his work with KISS, as his signature stage persona, the ‘Demon,’ and axe-shaped bass guitar are already a part of his legacy. He is also known to have a pretty big ego but doesn’t seem worried about how he will be remembered since he won’t be around.

Although the bassist might say he feels this way, whether he likes it or not, Simmons has left a legacy for his audience to enjoy. His name will probably be mentioned among the rockers who shaped an era of rock ‘n’ roll, especially regarding KISS’ extravagant stage performances.