Gene Simmons Considers To Start A New Religion ‘KISStianity’


KISS’ Gene Simmons briefly joined TMZ to talk about the Las Vegas residencies and showed his business genius one more time. He stated that he is thinking about starting a new religion and not leaving it up to God to do so.

With the emergence of the Covid-19 vaccinations and the lifting of the restrictions, many musicians assigned themselves to Las Vegas residencies, where they get to perform a specific amount of long-running shows in the city that never sleeps. KISS is also one of those bands that will perform in the city in 2022.

They had cancellations due to the strict pandemic precautions, however, because it may be Gene and Paul’s last tour, they finally decided to go with it. Aside from their performances, Gene confirmed that he will open a KISS museum in Las Vegas where people will be able to roam around a KISS-themed area and see the band’s collections.

Moreover, Gene recently said that there will be a chapel where the pastor will tell the couples to repeat the lyrics ‘I was made for loving you’ and ‘you were made for loving me,’ and perform a mock marriage. Gene’s business ideas have always been creative, and his latest idea is to establish a new religion called KISStianity. He stated this in his recent conversation with TMZ, but it’s not certain if he was being sarcastic or not. He also stated how this idea will bring easy money because they won’t be paying taxes.

Here is how he revealed his idea about forming a new religion:

“I do have other properties. I had the Gene Simmons art show, which you guys were so kind, so that’s in Las Vegas. A lot of stuff. I’m thinking of starting a new religion called ‘KISStianity.’ Tax-free money and why wait for God when you go up there when you can be right here. I am.”

You can watch the conversation below.