Slipknot’s Bassist Details Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan’s Work As Slipknot’s Leader

It’s no secret that Shawn Crahan, more widely known as Clown, is not only a percussionist but also the conceptual mastermind behind most Slipknot tracks. Bassist Alessandro ‘VMan’ Venturella is also on board with Clown’s leader-like role, as he gave insight into the band’s inner dynamics during a recent chat with Heavy Magazine. Let’s see what he had to say.

“No, I mean Clown is just Clown,” VMan said before sharing his thoughts about working with Clown. “And you know he’s just there to try and do the best that he can. He’s got such a great vision and stuff, so I love watching him work. I love seeing where he’s going with things, and I try my best not to look into what we’re about to do because I like to be surprised by things.”

The bassist also recalled the process of shooting the ‘Yen’ music video from their 2022 album ‘The End, So Far.’ He explained, “I remember getting the sheet saying what it is about, and I didn’t look. I was just like, you know what, I’m not going to look at it. I’m going to get there, and someone’s going to tell me what to do, and it was great to walk into something and not be like, ‘Oh, that’s that thing that he was mentioning, oh that’s that there.’ I walked in and took it in.”

Venturella continued, “I was like, ‘Wow, I can see where he’s going with this,’ and we finished shooting in one day whilst we were doing ‘Yen,’ and some guys went home whatever, but Jim and I stuck around. We were sitting on the deck chairs kind of by the pool area in the ‘Yen’ video, and we’re watching all that happening and just seeing Clown work and just seeing the way that he talks to people and all the crew and stuff like that you know it’s inspiring to see.”

The musician added, “Because the only aspect that you see is just on stage, seeing him doing his thing, but to see him doing that thing that he does, it’s great to watch, so you know there’s no bossing around or doing that he’s very aware of everybody and what everyone needs.”

While Clown is in charge of the whole production, the musician also keeps an eye on everyone on set to have a finished product representing the band’s brand in the best way. Although Corey Taylor is the lead singer and the frontman, VMan and fans are aware of Crahan’s contribution. The percussionist is the mastermind and leader of the band, and he is responsible for so much of the band’s DNA.