Gene Simmons Confirms Working On A KISS Museum

In his recent conversation with Las Vegas Review-Journal, KISS bassist Gene Simmons revealed that he began working on his new project, which excited the band’s longtime dedicated fans. Simmons announced that he’s building a KISS museum to share his private collection with the fans.

The iconic rock band KISS achieved international commercial success thanks to their bold stage looks, original sound, and hit records. The band’s stage personas and performances featuring pyrotechnics, shooting rockets, blood-spitting, smoking and levitating instruments attracted a lot of attention and inspired many young musicians.

Therefore, Gene Simmons thought KISS’s legacy should be immortalized with a brand new project, the KISS Museum. The bassist confirmed that he will open a KISS museum at The Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, which will be attached to their miniature golf course, Kiss By Monster Mini Golf. The fans can play golf, take photos with KISS members during private events, and visit the museum filled with mementos from Simmons’s collection.

The KISS bassist unveiled that he was recently in Las Vegas to work on the museum, which will consist of three tractor-trailers full of KISS stuff and probably even more. Then, Simmons described the upcoming museum as a breathtaking adventure for their fans since it is one of the biggest KISS-themed projects.

Simmons stated in his interview that:

“I was in Las Vegas to start working on the KISS Museum, which is really just my collection because I’ve got a half-century of KISS stuff. I want the fans to see it. It’s going to be breathtaking. I was there the first day, as my stuff started to come in. We have three tractor-trailers full of stuff, and it’s going to be spectacular. The fans are going to dig it. You can play golf; you can have your photo taken; you can take videos of yourself onstage with KISS, and then go visit my private collection.”

KISS’ Gene Simmons didn’t give any further details about the KISS Museum, but the band’s fans, who are looking forward to examining the bassist’s private collection, will probably get a chance to visit the museum next year. It seems that either KISS or the musician himself will release a statement about it soon.