Bad Omens’ Noah Sebastian Doesn’t See Himself As A Real Rock Star

Bad Omens frontman does not really see himself as a rock star. In a new interview with Metal Hammer, Sebastian elaborated on his challenges with the idea of being a ‘rock star’ and clarified that the stories told by numerous Bad Omens fans don’t truly capture an accurate portrayal of his identity:

“I don’t really see myself as a rock star. I don’t even know if I believe in the concept of a rock star anymore. I definitely wish everyone in the world knew me in real life and just knew how boring I was, and just knew how fucking lame I was, so that they could, you know, relax a little bit. But, that’s art, man. Art’s powerful.”

Sebastian Deleted All His Social Media Accounts

Bad Omens has gained popularity over the last few years and has earned both a great fanbase and haters. Why the haters? Some believe the band is not metal despite being involved in the metal music industry, while some criticize the changing sound of the band in their newer music.

Additionally, Bad Omens fans made up stories about him using social media. Some fans even created fake quotes in his name as a strange way of being really loyal.

That’s when the frontman decided to go on and delete all his social media accounts.

Getting sick of seeing his own face, the rocker explained why he deleted his social media accounts:.

“I was trying to use my socials, and I just had to constantly mute them. I got really tired of seeing my own face, or seeing a stranger’s opinion of me every day. I don’t think that’s healthy. I’ve seen these accounts that collect baby pictures of me they find on a distant relative’s Facebook and make an entire shrine out of them. It’s very one-sided, you know.”

The rocker shared his disgust and what would happen if he did the same as those people:

“If there was a female artist that I admired and I had a collection of pictures of her as an underage child, people would probably fucking try to put me in jail. It’d be weird, it’d be extremely inappropriate. It’s really funny how selective people are with their ethics.”

Sebastian’s Thoughts On Bands Getting Popular On Social Media

With the rise of a particular social media platform, some bands have started to gain more popularity, both by advertising their own music and by allowing other users to find out about their music. This was the same scenario with Bad Omens as well. Despite being around for almost 10 years, people thought they were a relatively new band when their current hit ‘Just Pretend’ blew up on TikTok. Sebastian clarified they already had a fanbase before ‘Just Pretend’:

“A lot of people that tried to doubt us or question us will attribute [our success] to TikTok. But that [U.S.] tour was 80 percent sold out before ‘Just Pretend’ hit TikTok.”

Though having fans might be fun until a certain point, the frontman had to warn the fans with a few words:

“Don’t make me or Bad Omens your life. Please.”