Paul McCartney Says Eroticism Was The Driving Force Behind All The Beatles Lyrics


The Beatles star Paul McCartney talked about the inspiration source of the iconic band’s lyrics during a recent interview with The Times.

In the conversation, Paul revealed that eroticism was the driving force behind all songs he wrote and gave some examples from ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’ and ‘Hey Jude’ songs. For the first, the musician stated that even though the word ‘eroticism’ would be a laughing matter during his teenage years, it was precisely what was hidden behind his words.

It seems like paul imagined doing a lot more than just holding hands while writing the lyrics. The musician also pointed out that he was only twenty-one years old when he wrote the song and had just moved to London for the band’s music career. Thus, it seems clear why he had such motives.

As for ‘Hey Jude,’ Paul recalled a conversation with John Lennon considering a mischievous line. While he wanted to change the line ‘the movement you need is on your shoulder’ because it sounded too sexual, John Lennon insisted that they keep it since it was ‘the best line’ in the song.

Paul McCartney talked about ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’:

There was an eroticism behind it all. If I’d heard myself use that word when I was seventeen, there would have been a guffaw. But eroticism was very much a driving force behind everything I did.

You know that was what lay behind a lot of these love songs. ‘I want to hold your hand,’ open brackets. By the time this song was written, when I was about twenty-one, we had come to London. Our manager had gotten The Beatles a flat: Apartment L, 57 Green Street, Mayfair.”

Paul on ‘Hey Jude’ song:

“When I sang, ‘The movement you need is on your shoulder,’ I immediately turned around to John and said, ‘Don’t worry, I’ll change that,’ and he looked at me and said, ‘You won’t, you know. It’s the best line in it.'”

Later in the conversation, Paul also mentioned that they kept some of the accidental words they used in daily life. For instance, the musician revealed that the name ‘Sgt Pepper’ was created when he misunderstood the word at dinner.

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