Gene Simmons Addresses The ‘Missing Piece’ Of The New Bands Like BTS

KISS bassist Gene Simmons was interviewed by TalkShopLive and shared his thoughts and ideas about new generation musicians like the Korean band BTS. He criticized these bands, saying that their songs can no longer be considered as works of art due to the situation of today’s music industry.

As you might know, BTS has become the most popular band in South Korea and gained worldwide popularity with the help of their well-crafted sounds, lyrics, and performances as dancers and musicians. BTS has millions of fans worldwide and is one of the most-streamed artists and bands on several music platforms.

Moreover, the band has collaborated with famous musicians like Coldplay, Halsey, and Steve Vai in their works. BTS members have appeared on talk shows and performed world tours to connect their fans, who are always looking forward to watching them live.

However, the Korean boy band has also been targeted by some musicians, and their music has been defined as a piece of shallow dance music. Gene Simmons seems to agree with these musicians, and according to the KISS bassist, ‘The art is missing’ from BTS.

The KISS icon explained the reasoning behind his statement by saying that many new generation bands’ songs lack art because the music industry aims to release hit songs as fast as possible to earn more money.

Simmons mentioned that some musicians don’t even write their own songs and highlighted the corporate side of music-making. Nonetheless, he added that he has respect for BTS and how they make people happy through their music.

Here’s what the host said:

“There is some hope resurgence of vinyl, finding younger people who are purely digital streaming, file sharing and downloading are discovering the works of art that you mentioned before. So, I would say there is a ray of hope because we’ve recaptured some of the younger generations.”

Simmons shared his ideas, saying:

“I wish you were right, but when something starting with the Korean guy who had that Kung Fu song or whatever with the dance. I’m talking about the modern digital age, downloaded something I don’t know. Billions of downloads and since then whether you’re a Korean pop band or BTS or those guys. By the way, good luck to all of them, love all of them and if you make people happy, that’s the only important thing. The art is missing.

People in bands would sit down and start doodling how about this and thinking about the look of it. It’s unfortunately become very corporate. That guy does that, and this guy does that, then the band just appears. In fact, lots of bands don’t even write their own songs. It’s a different world, like a world without heroes. It’s no place for me.”

You can check out the interview below.