Geezer Butler Shares One Condition For Final Black Sabbath Show With Ozzy Osbourne

Geezer Butler may perform a final Black Sabbath show with Ozzy Osbourne under one condition.

During a new episode of SiriusXM’s Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk, Butler was asked about Osbourne wanting one last concert with their original drummer, Bill Ward. Geezer responded:

“Of course, there’s an interest [on my part to do it], but there’s a big ‘but’ — you’d have to speak to Bill about it. Everybody wants to do it [but I don’t know if he is] capable [of pulling it off].”

Butler And Ozzy Has Been In Touch With Each Other

When Trunk mentioned that Geezer wrote in his autobiography he hadn’t spoken to Ozzy in years, the bassist said he now talks to Ozzy almost every day. He added:

“There was a lot of miscommunication [before]. He didn’t think I was asking about his health ’cause I know he’s been going through a lot of health problems, and I was sending all these messages to him and they weren’t being passed on to him. So he thought I was just ignoring him.”

Butler talked about how he resolved their conflict with Osbourne:

“And then the weird way I had to go through Sabbath’s accountant to tell Ozzy I’d sent him all these things. ‘Cause he did this thing in Rolling Stone saying that I hadn’t been in touch with him about his health. So I went through the accountant, and he got in touch with Ozzy and said, ‘He’s just been sending you stuff. He wants to talk to you.’ And we’ve been fine since that.”

What Does Tony Iommi Think About Reuniting With Ozzy?

In a new episode of The Madhouse Chronicles, Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi also shared his thoughts on Ozzy’s wish for a final Sabbath concert. The guitarist noted:

“It’d be a nice idea, but you’re gonna get everybody going, ‘Oh, they’re doing it for the money. They’re doing it for this, they’re doing it for that.'”

He further said money wasn’t the problem and they would really enjoy doing it:

“Well, it wouldn’t be. I mean, it’d be something that’d be a nice thing to actually do, but whether it happens will be another thing. But we’ll see. I mean, who knows?”

Osbourne and Billy Morrison recently released a new episode of their internet TV series, The Madhouse Chronicles. When asked if he was happy with how Black Sabbath ended, Ozzy said he’d be open to giving it another try. He would love to perform one more gig with Bill. He suggested it would be cool to surprise fans by playing at a club without any prior announcement.